Handcrafted desserts made with love...

We offer 4 categories of Amazing Brownies


 3.25 dollars each, 12 minimum order, mix and match possible

Fudge, Red Velvet, 

Nutella,White Chocolate, 

Peanut Butter,Cosmic

Birthday Cake,Tollhouse



Fruit infused Brownies

$3.50 per square, minimum order is 12 and mix and match is encouraged...


Apple Cinnamon, 

Banana bread

Cherry Bliss


Premium Signature Brownies

$3.75 per square, 12 minimum order and mix and match available within each group of brownies 

Group one

Smores, Cookie Dough Oreo, Cookies and cream

Mocha, Monster Cookie, Turtle, 

Ferrero Rocher, 

Group two 

Buckeye, Chocolate Mousse, 

Mint Fudge, 

Salted Caramel Pretzel

German Chocolate, 

Mississippi Mud,


Group three 

Rocky Road, 

Cookie Butter, 

Milo, Caramel bacon,

Magic Layer, Kitkat Stuffed

Peanut butter cup oreo